Our outstanding team of Year 9 Mathematicians achieved wonderful success at the South East Asian Mathematics Contest (SEAMC) this weekend (28 February-1 March) in Hong Kong.

Our most memorable triumph of the contest was certainly walking away with a trophy for second place overall in the Activities round, a proud moment for the BISP Maths Department.

Students worked exceptionally well throughout the contest, completing the various rounds of the contest individually, in our BISP teams or occasionally ‘buddy teams’, with fellow mathematicians from other top international schools in the SE Asia region. New friends were made and our students had great fun tackling the set challenges.

On the first day, students were treated to a fascinating Engineering lecture by Professor Ron Lancaster, Senior Lecturer at the University of Toronto.  Professor Lancaster introduced our students to the Mathematics behind some of the world’s most spectacular buildings, igniting interest in a future career in this field in some of our students.

Another highlight of the contest was a visit to Ocean Park, where students participated in a challenging Maths Trail that took them around the park, prompting them to consider and work with the Mathematics that is constantly all around us.

Not only this, but they also had the added opportunities to ride the ‘hair raiser’ roller coaster, visit the pandas and win some prizes. We rounded this first day off with a spectacular meal at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

The second day of the contest consisted of further individual and team rounds, including the adrenaline filled ‘Energiser’ round.

Very much a Mathematical relay, students had to run to their marker with their answers and depending on whether their answer was correct on not, run back with the same question or be permitted to proceed onto the next.

This highly-charged final day was rounded off with a formal gala dinner, including the announcement of final results and the awarding of certificates and trophies. An after party then provided the perfect opportunity for our students to celebrate all of their hard work and achievements.

We must give a huge congratulations to all of our SEAMC participants this year.

They have been a credit both to themselves and to Maths @ BISP and we look forward to their future achievements both within school and at future contests.

For more information, contact Gemma Clark: [email protected]