The U13 and U15 Girls joined together to form two mixed teams to play against QSI Senior Girls on Saturday (7 February).

The first match featured BISP Orange Team, captained by Andrea Hosking. BISPdominated for much of the game and Kayleeen Procanik had several shots which were just off target or saved by the QSI goalkeeper, a Year 13 student, who played extremely well. BISP Orange were unable to score and the match ended up as a 0-0 draw.

After a short break, The second game featured BISP Blue vs BISP Orange. BISP Blue scored an early goal with a strong shot by captain Becky Preen, but BISP Orange came back strongly to dominate the game and have many shots on target.

BISP Blue’s two goalkeepers Charlie Potter and Jana Sokolova made some good saves to ensure that the score remained 1-0 to the Blue team. BIS Orange were the better team but were a little tired from having played a match just before this one.

The third game was to decide who were the winners of this mini-tournament. A draw would be good enough to ensure that BISP Blue were champions.

Again, most of the game was played in QSI’s half with Shayla Procanik looking very dangerous on the left wing and Bella Hosking looking strong in defence. Shayla had a good chance to win the game at the end but shot narrowly wide and the game ended 0-0 with the QSI goalkeeper again being their best player.

So congratulations to both BISP teams for remaining undefeated against girls much older than them. The future of girls football at BISP looks bright.

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