BISP University Counsellors continually work to enhance the school’s reputation and strengthen relationships with universities worldwide.BISP Dale Ford presenting in Singapore
On April 20-21, Dale Ford travelled to Singapore to speak at a global university counselling conference attended by 120 university admission officers and counsellors from all over Asia. His first session was designed to help less experienced counsellors understand the US university selection and application process. In a 2nd presentation, Dale co-presented with admission officers from the University of Southern California and the University of Edinburgh to explain what makes a quality US and UK recommendation letter. Finally in a 3rd session, Dale offered advice to counsellors on reviewing and choosing university admission software platforms.
It is important that university admission officers and counsellors from international schools are aware of BISP’s quality education and talented students. When an admission officer reads an application from a BISP student, knowing that the student is coming from a high quality international school with knowledgeable counsellors can enhance a student’s chances of admission.