Thank you for the massive interest and excitement surrounding our new academy structure. It is the intention of this article to clarify the structure and the time frames for the academy launch.

The academy structure will comprise of 3 separate academies, under 11, under 14 and over 14. It is the vision of the school to have a seamless transition from one Academy to the next where all players follow the same coaching methodology under the guidance of Jonathas Candido. The school will be offering existing staff the opportunity to support Jonathas in his work to create more capacity and more opportunities for our students.

Initially, students from BISP will make up the programme but as the academy progresses each year competition for places will become more and more competitive.

Jonathas reserves the right at any point to remove or add players to any of the 3 academies according to attitude and player progress. In the early stages we will be flexible on the amount of training sessions a player attends to ensure there is a balance between school and sport. However longer term, as players advance towards the Senior Academy, players will be asked to increase the amount of hours of training.

  1. Junior academy – Train 2 times a week plus every Saturday morning
  2. Intermediate Academy – Train 2 times a week plus every Saturday morning
  3. Senior Academy – Train 3 times a week plus every Saturday morning


The trials for Intermediate and Senior Academies will take place on Sunday December 8. All successful applicants will be notified of details after the closing deadline of December 1st 2013.

For the Junior Academy trials, we have had to offer a different data due to demand and clashes with other football tournaments. The date for this trial will be Wednesday December 11 from 3.00pm – 5.00pm. All applications to be in By Wednesday 4th December 2013.

For more information and an application form click here.

Richard Stockings
Head of Physical Education
[email protected]