High Performance Sports Academies at British International School Phuket (BISP) in Thailand

 “Young people will respond positively to the achievements of their peers, and in a climate of excellence – across all disciplines – every student will thrive.”  Neil Richards MBE, Headmaster British International School Phuket (BISP)

BISP/CRUZEIRO Football Academy

Applications are invited from outstanding young male and female footballers for scholarship positions for the year commencing August 2014 (who as at 1 August 2014 are aged 14/15 or 16/17 years old).  The school will continue to accept applications from outstanding footballers up until 14 March 2014. 

Following the success of the Flying Fish High Performance Swim Academy launched in August 2013 at the school, the model is now being replicated for football.

Academy footballers at BISP will be offered a balance between their academic studies and football at an elite level.  Footballers in the academy will be committed to attending high performance training where they must attend up to 10 training sessions per week.  This will include technical, tactical and physical training sessions.  Footballers will also receive sessions on nutrition, mental preparation and injury prevention.

The BISP/CRUZEIRO Academy will also support the local professional team, Phuket FC with its youth programmes.  The three-way partnership between BISP, CRUZEIRO EC and Phuket FC aims to develop competitive leagues and act as a feeder for Phuket FC and other professional teams.  This unique collaboration is the first of its kind and is a model, which will help develop young talent and provide pathways to professional clubs as well as university scholarships.  More details about the collaboration via http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuketsports/2013/Phuket-BISP-Cruzeiro-football-academy-announced-22674.html


Jonathas2-205x300Top Brazilian youth football coach and scout Jonathas Candido from Cruzeiro EC, Brazil, is now directly employed by the school and is currently establishing the BISP/CRUZEIRO Football Academy.  The Academy has a close collaborative relationship with Cruzeiro Esporte Clube.

Following a university degree in Physical Education, Jonathas Candido has 12 years of professional experience in football, in particular in fitness and performance analysis, technical observation and coordination.  He has extensive knowledge of methods of sports training and practice, with particular experience in periodic planning and structuring teams.

Before moving to BISP, Jonathas was the International Programme’s Head Coach at Cruzeiro EC; the U14 Assistant Coach and Technical Observer; the U10-U17 Football Coach; the U6-U12 Futsal Coach.  He is an official scout for Cruzeiro, and has led the Cruzeiro U20 team to national honours level in Brazil. 

Coach Jonathas will be working full time with the BISP PE staff and students to develop football within the school at all age and ability levels.  His primary aim however is to lead the high performance academy, working with especially talented young footballers.  Cruzerio EC have established their own unique curriculum of teaching and learning aimed at developing the whole athlete.  This model will be assimilated with the school’s own principles of player development, utilising the wealth of experience within the PE, Athletics and Activities Department at BISP.


Sport Facilities at BISP include;PGBISPaerial-300x225

  • 10 x 7-a-side grass football pitches
  • 2 x 11-a-side grass football pitches
  • Double sports hall
  • Fitness suite
  • 2 x swimming pools (one of Olympic size)
  • Full time nursing staff



BISP is a fully established comprehensive primary and secondary school offering the British National Curriculum leading to the IGCSE examinations of CIE, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.  The school has a quality boarding house facilityClick for more details on Boarding at BISP

Scholarship applications

The High Performance football programme will be tiered according to age and ability for highly capable Secondary school aged male and female athletes (aged 11 years and over) upon invitation by the Head Coach.

In order to apply, footballers must be playing to a competitive representative standard and scholarship applicants must attend a trial* in Phuket (time TBD) to be considered for entry into the BISP/CRUZEIRO Football Academy. *Under exceptional circumstances the Academy may accept a video of performance upon which to base an assessment.

A limited number of scholarships are available.  Up to ten tuition and coaching scholarship places will be offered each year for outstanding young footballers to join the BISP/CRUZEIRO Football Academy with the goal of providing professional opportunities.  Scholarships do not include the cost of boarding at BISP. 

Age of scholarship applicants: 

  • 13/14 years of age (current Year 9 students going into Year 10 to start IGCSEs in August 2014);
  • 15/16 years (current Year 11 students going into Year 12 to start IBDP in August 2014).


Please note that all scholars need to speak English with sufficient fluency to access the academic programmes of the school.

All applicants who wish to be considered for scholarships as part of the high performance BISP/CRUZEIRO Football Academy must attend a trial* (time TBD) and complete the application form below.  *Under exceptional circumstances the Academy may accept a video of performance upon which to base an assessment.

For more information please email Head of PE at BISP  [email protected] 


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Additional Notes about BISP Tuition and Coaching Scholarships:

  • Scholarships will be withdrawn if students do not maintain a good academic record and display good conduct;
  • The decision to award scholarships will be made by a scholarship committee drawn from the academic and PE staff of the school;
  • The school’s decisions are final, and non-negotiable;
  • All matters relating to scholarships will remain totally confidential at all times;
  • All scholarships will be dependent upon a continuing good record of attendance and participation, and upon a maintained or enhanced Grade Point Average (GPA);
  • Please submit only one application form; the school reserves the right to reject any applicant who applies multiple times.




  • BIS Phuket is committed to developing world-class experiences and world-class opportunities for its students.
  • The academies will employ full time academy coaches with outstanding experience in working with high performance (HP) level sportsmen and sportswomen.
  • The academies will work in partnership with high performing clubs both locally and internationally in order to create pathways into professional sport or university scholarships.
  • The programmes are based on a pyramid structure, which at its base focus on the basic skills needed to access each of the sports. These skills are built upon by both the curriculum and the extra curricular programmes as athletes move from participation to performance levels.
  • At the HP level the students will work together daily with the academy coach to work at the highest level. It is here where students will have the opportunities to compete against other high level institutes and professional sporting clubs.
  • Students in the HP section of the structure will focus on latest training methods, nutrition and recovery as well as receiving world-class coaching. The development of the mental aspects of each of the sports as well as the social-emotional skills needed to succeed will also be covered.
  • Each academy will have its own unique dimensions and specialist demands that will enable students to maximize performance.
  • The end goal of the academies is to build a wide base of skilled young people in the selected sports. Ultimately, BISP will produce a caliber of student who has the potential to move on to a career in professional sport as well as being a rounded and well educated young adult.


For more details about the BISP Sport Academies philosophy, click here for the Headmaster’s Academies PPT