Students, teachers and staff have banded together to organise BISP’s first Eco Week – a week-long campaign to raise awareness, encourage more sustainable behaviour and celebrate eco heros on campus. The focus this year is on ‘Your Choices Matter!’, highlighting the impact individual choice and behaviour change can have on our environment. The week hopes to target plastic as Phuket’s number one environmental villain, as well as ethical consumption, vegetarianism, recycling, reducing and reusing products.

BISP Eco Week 2018

The week will be observed from April 24th – 27th, right after the globally celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd. Activities include a Model United Nations conference with students from other schools, a fair of providers of environmentally ethical products, a clothing drive, green dress-up day, vegetarian day, no cup day and much more!

We need helpers! Should you wish to get involved please contact Mr. Berman  ([email protected]) and Ms. Brelsford ([email protected]h). Please show your interest and share the Facebook event to friends and family! You can also follow [email protected] on the blog. Click her to download the full poster.

Try it Tuesday: Can you create less waste today?
Wegetarian Wednesday: Can you take on the challenge to eat less meat today?
Thirsty Thursday: Water bottles only at school today.
Feel it Friday: Green classroom and dress up day.