Thai class
The new school year’s schedule for Thai language classes for BISP’s foreign parents is as follows:
For Beginners: 2 times per week
Every Wednesday and Friday at 8.00-9.00am
Term 1 for 26 hours
Term 2 for 20 hours
Term 3 for 14 hours
Total 60 hours
The first class of Term 1 starts on Wednesday 30th August 
(Wednesday class room 202 and Friday room 203)
For Advanced: 1 time per week
Every Friday at 1.30-2.30pm
Term 1 for 13 hours
The first class of Term 1 starts on Friday 1st September
(Friday class room 202)
Term 2 for 10 hours
Term 3 for  7 hours
Total 30 hours
For more information contact: [email protected]