Boarding Philosophy

The BISP boarding programme aims to create an environment where all boarding students feel happy, secure, confident and are cared for by professional staff acting in ‘loco parentis’. This is achieved by:

  • offering the opportunity for an appropriate work/life balance;Students study in the common area of a boarding house
  • encouraging students to fully achieve their academic potential;
  • providing off-campus opportunities for personal development, adventure, sharing and enjoyment whilst living in Phuket;
  • access to the required facilities for independent study and recreation;
  • entrusting students with personal and community responsibility, where they value shared experiences as an integral part of the school community. Individuals are encouraged to be accountable and guided to make appropriate decisions by accepting the consequence of their actions;
  • encouraging self discipline, self-respect and respect for others;Boarding house common room
  • maintaining regular, effective communication with boarders’ families;
  • promoting an open and trusting ethos in the boarding houses;
  • enhancing boarders’ confidence and independence as young learners, thereby providing skills for their lives beyond school.