Three students from the BISP Business Academy were recently invited to attend a conference on “International Modern Trade” at the Panyapiwat Institute of Management in Bangkok. This institute is owned by the “CP ALL” Group which is the flagship company which manages and operates 7-Eleven, Makro, True and many other well-known brands within Thailand.

The day started with an early morning flight to Bangkok and then a presentation and conference on modern trade. The students had a chance to learn about the modern-day processes within these large companies and how they work. There was a question and answer session where the BISP students demonstrated their knowledge of business and were rewarded with some great gifts!

After lunch, the students were taken to the Coca-Cola Headquarters of Thailand just outside of Bangkok where they were given a full tour of the museum and a trip through the history of Coca-Cola in Thailand from its first production facility and marketing campaign to its current day operations and promotion methods. This tour even included a tasting session where the students tasted Coca-Cola from 10 different countries to understand the differences in flavours due to cultural preferences of these countries.

The final part of the tour took the students inside the factory production facility where 124 million bottles are produced daily by the Thai Namthip Company from products such as Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Namthip Water and Minute Maid Orange Juice. This is the largest and most efficient bottling plant in Thailand and very impressive to see how a real factory works, especially as the students are currently in the middle of studying production in their IGCSE Business Studies course. The day finished with a late flight back to Phuket after a tiring, yet enjoyable day.

Thank you to Jana, Natkamol and Claudia for being such great academy students and for their participation during the day.

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Students are eligible to be considered for the Business Academy from Years 10-13