During the February holidays, a number of Flying Fish swimmers from the Learn to Swim programme and the Development and High Performance Squads at British International School, Phuket embarked on a ‘camp’ style training programme.
BISP Swim event
Athletes from the Learn to Swim programme were involved in intensive lessons across 5 days, and swimmers from the Narwhal, Kraken, Megalodon and High Performance squads did back-to-back sessions. The pool was full of excitement.
Coach Susan worked closely with her Narwhal athletes (Primary School Development Squad) to develop race skills and understand more about the history of the sport, whilst across the pool Kraken athletes (Secondary School Development Squad) focused on specific stroke skills. Both Megalodon (Secondary Performance Squad) and the High Performance Team used the extra time for longer, more intense sessions, providing an opportunity for the swimmers to test their physical capacity and mental toughness.
Many of the swimmers competed at the Thanyapura Invitational swim meet at the end of the week, where they were encouraged to put into practice the new skills and tactics that they had learnt. Particular mention must go to Valeriia, Christina and Arijus, who came away with High Point trophies for finishing in the top 3 in their respective age groups. Well done to all swimmers involved for applying themselves under pressure and stepping up to the challenge.