photo of bisp students planning a muralTwo BISP Year 13 students volunteered to help at a newly opened Elephant Retirement Sanctuary. Sam and Laura went to the sanctuary, where ‘elephants can be elephants’.
When they arrived, they were faced with blank grey walls which had only been plastered because they couldn’t afford to decorate. Sam and Laura came up with a plan to paint an elephant mural and start writing little stories around it. They would then encourage visiting tourists to write a few words or a message about their day with the elephants until these messages filled the walls.

photo of an elephant mural painted by bisp students at a charity organisationThe mural created a great focal point at the entrance to the sanctuary. Sam and Laura expected that it would take many months or even years to fill the walls with messages, but were amazed at how quickly people reacted and wrote down their stories. The mural took a few weeks to complete and the girls hope it will remain a constant reminder of them to the staff, other volunteers and guests. Like the elephants, Laura and Sam certainly won’t forget. Another great activity organised by the IB CAS students!