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Written by Emily Varley, Year 12.

A group of year 12 students held talent show auditions followed by a final as part of their CAS project. The auditions took place on Monday November 6th after school from 4-6:30pm. 33 acts consisting of both Primary and Secondary students came along for the auditions. Every act brought something unique and showcased the wide variety of talent we have at BISP. A special thank you goes to Secondary teachers Mrs Mooney, Mrs Kriege, Mr Donovan and Mr Phillips for being our judges and watching all the performances for over 2 hours – we really appreciate all of their time and effort. At the end of the auditions, we counted up the scores and the top 15 acts went through to the finals, which were held the following Wednesday November 8th.

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The whole school community was invited to come along and watch all contestants. Around 400 people came along to support our event. As part of the finals, we also allowed the audience to vote for their favourite act which was highly successful and allowed the audience to feel more included in the event. Everyone performed exceptionally well and the audience support was immense. We are so thankful for everyone who came along as all the money we raised goes towards helping build a classroom in Cambodia. In the end 2 Porsches and a Lambo, a musical comedy act of Year 13 boys, was the winner of the day – the real winner, however, was the community who were thoroughly entertained. Second place of Hayley and Bai-dteuy won a cash prize who both chose to donate the money to a local dog shelter. Hopefully we can continue such amazing events in the future.

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The Talent show crew with Mr. Berman, BISP’s Extended Curriculum Coordinator