bisp basketball 2018 trip 1On May 17th, BISP Under 13s basketball teams travelled to Rayong to compete in the 3-day St Andrews Invitational Basketball Tournament.
On the first day, the teams were hosted by Garden International School, Rayong for friendly 5 v 5 games. Both had comfortable wins and it was a great way to warm up for the main tournament.
Friday saw students compete in a 3 v 3 Tournament at St. Andrews International School Green Valley. Four girls’ teams and two boys’ teams represented BISP in this competition against St. Andrews 107 Bangkok and St Andrews GV, Rayong. The competition was tough with both A teams from the other schools performing well. The BISP Boys Stars team finished in third place and the BISP Girls Stars finished in first place in a close fought final which finished in extra time.bisp basketball 2018 trip 3 e1526955903689

Saturday was a full day of 5 v 5 Basketball, coupled with a fun dodgeball tournament to fill time between games. The boys finished in 3rd place.

The Girls’ competition was very tight, with BISP Stars, St Andrews GV A team and St Andrews 107 A team all finishing with equal points. The tie was resolved on points difference. Unfortunately, BISP were +18, with the other two contenders both on +19, giving BISP Stars third place in the competition; only one basket separating them from an overall win.
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The students were appreciative of their coaches and St Andrews for organising the tournament. They had a great time mixing with the other schools and making new friends on and off the court.
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