ks sports day
Beginning on Thursday (tomorrow) and continuing next week, the Physical Education Department will be hosting Sports Days for students in Early Years, KS1, KS2 and all of Secondary.
These events provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learnt during the current Athletic unit and share their learning with parents and the school community. The events start with a focus on participation and fun in Early Years, and gradually become more competitive as students progress through the school.
Parents are encouraged to attend, to support their children and celebrate in their performances. The times and venues for the Sports Days are:hammer throw sports day 2017
  • Thursday 1st Feb – Early years Sports days 8:15am start (Pitch 7)
  • Monday 5th Feb – KS1 Sports day 8:15-10:15am (Top Pitch)
  • Tuesday 6th Feb – KS2 Sports Day 8:15-11:45am (Top Pitch)
  • Wednesday 7th – Secondary 8:15-12:45 (Top and bottom pitches).
For more information contact Ali Gates [email protected]