Well done everyone for the great poems we received for our Poetry Competition! The theme this year was ‘light’, and we had such a wide variety of entries.

We are very proud to announce the winners in Primary and Secondary.

Each winning poem will be published in the BISP 2015-2016 Yearbook at the end of the year, and each student will get a chance to meet our visiting author privately in February 2016 when he comes into school.

Here are the winners:


  • Lani 3BL
  • Lidia 4MM
  • Viktor 5DN
  • Pok-Pong 6JM

Secondary (no entries in Year 8 and Year 11 so we selected 5 winners overall):

  • Eddy 9B
  • Kieran 12B
  • Himakshi 9C
  • Yoonjae 10C
  • Natcha 7B


For more information on poetry at BISP, contact Cindy Colson: [email protected]