The school is looking at ways to improve help it can offer new parents.

One way that we feel can help is to introduce a “cultural representative” to new parents of their own nationality, whereby the new parent has a point of contact with a family that is already resident here and can help them with integrating into the BIS community and general life in Phuket.

To help us achieve this goal we would need parents who would volunteer to be their country’s representative for new parents to be able to contact. For some of the larger nationality groups we would perhaps have a few parents who could be the point of contact. Ideally, they should be able to commit for at least 1 school year.

If we could get offers of support from the majority of nationalities we have at the school then we feel that this would greatly enhance the range of support systems in place for new parents, and provide a great way for new parents to be welcomed to our community.

The main duties of the cultural representative would generally be liaising with a new parent, possibly prior to arriving in Phuket, and helping with some questions they may have about life on the island or the school.

Once a new family is here in Phuket they may have some questions about where to get something  or how to do something. If the new parent has someone of their nationality/language ability to help with these questions then they will feel much more at ease during their transition.

We will be publishing some of this information on the school website (most likely parent name, an introduction to your family, and a photo), though we will not give out your personal telephone or email.

All email inquiries will be first sent to the school, we will vet them and then forward on to the representatives. It will be set up in a similar manner to the examples here:

If at any time you would prefer not be a representative then just email the school and your details will be removed from the register and website.

If you would like to participate in this programme, please send the following information by email to: [email protected]




Ages of children at the school:

Phone contact (if applicable):

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