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The ReadingZone Picture Book Competition 2017 is now open to all BISP students from ages 4 to 18! 
Entries given to Miss Colson will be sent to England, and winners will be selected by author and illustrator Neal Layton, and announced on the ReadingZone website in June 2017.
Over the past few years, we have had entries selected as runner ups in their categories in Year 12 and in Year 2.
Message to IB art students: this could be a fun thing to get involved in and use in your personal statement for university.
A few guidelines if you want to participate: maximum 24 pages, A4 format (Portrait, not Landscape), and created on a computer or by hand. Entries can be created by a whole class, or one student, or a duo illustrator-author, and must be entirely original (no copying!).
Deadlines for all entries to be given to Miss Colson: 15th March 2017.
For more information contact Miss Colson, or click here:
Good luck to all!