DIC/BIS alumni

The DIC/BIS Alumni Day 2013 is approaching! It will surely be filled with super fun and exciting activities and will be a memorable day for all of us . Below, you will find details of the DIC/BIS Alumni day 2013. This is a long message so please bear with me and read through all the points.
If there are anything that is not clear or if any questions, please email Jane at[email protected]

DIC/BIS Alumni Day 2013. A day full of activities! In day time we revisit our school and get to know each other through silly games and sports – Girl netball and Boy Football. Follow by a dinner party at one of our alumni’s restaurant, [email protected] Great chance to meet up old friends and make new ones!

All DIC and BIS alumnis No matter what year you graduated, you are all invited.

Saturday 17 August 2013 10:00 to midnight!

10:00-16:00 at BISP campus
19:00-24:00 at [email protected] restaurant

10:00-11:00 Arrive at school. Registration. Meet at the main foyer of school building
11:00-11:10 Headmaster speech at the auditorium
11:10-13:00 Ice breaking and silly games at sports hall
13:00-14:00 Lunch at cafeteria (the school food that we all miss )
14:00-15:00 Girl netball between alumni and current teachers
15:00-16:00 Indoor boy football between alumni and current teachers
16:00 End of day activity
18.30-24:00 Dinner party at [email protected]

Dress code
– Day: we will provide you with Alumni Day t-shirt when you arrive in the morning. For bottoms, please feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable. Wear sneakers/comfortable shoes. Please select your t-shirt size when register.


Tickets to reunion are now pre-sale at a special rate. Pre-sale rate is available from now until August 5. We offer you 2 packages to choose from this year.
1. PackageA: 1,500 baht per person
– Includes day and night activities. Includes t-shirt. Does NOT include transportation.
2. Package B: 2,000 baht per person
– Includes day and night activities, t-shirt and also transportation on the day.
– If you choose package B, our van will pick you up at one of our suggested hotel (please see below for suggested hotel location), and will take you to the following:
o Hotel to BIS. (Hotel pickup at 9.00)
o BIS to hotel. (BIS pickup at 16.30)
o Hotel to [email protected] (Hotel pickup at 18.00)
o [email protected] to Hotel ([email protected] pick up at 24.00)
*Transportation does not include airport pickup
If you buy ticket after August 5, then Package A is 2,000 baht and Package B is 2,500 baht. Please understand that we need to organize everything in advance and we appreciate you registering to the event as early as possible. This will ensure that we can plan ahead to accommodate everyone.

Suggested hotel
Don’t live in Phuket? No worries! We have contacted some hotels for a special deal for DIC/BIS Alumni. You can choose from our suggested hotels. To receive this special rate, all bookings MUST be made through us, the committee.

Please contact Maetapong at [email protected], with the following information:

1. Your full name and your roommate’s name
2. Hotel of your choice
3. Check in and check out dates

You will pay directly to the hotel upon arrival. DO NOT transfer hotel charges to us. Every hotel rates include breakfast. Each room maximum occupancy is 2 people.

1. The Kee (Patong Beach Area) 2,000 baht/nighthttp://www.thekeeresort.com/
2. Aloha Villa, Phuket (Patong Beach Area) 1,000 baht/night  http://www.phuket-aloha.com/
3. Andaman Embrace (Patong Beach Area) 1,800 baht/nighthttp://www.andamanembrace.com/
4. Chalong Beach Resort (Chalong Bay Area) 1,500 baht/night http://www.chalongbeachhotelandspa.com/
5. Rawai Palm Beach Resort (Rawai) 1,300 baht/night http://www.rawaipalmbeachresort.com/

How to register and pay
1. Go to the link below to register: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArtgR9C6pJNtdDRBd1lEWlV5aFJYTUM4MjNqZVVJR1E&usp=sharing 
2. Fill in your information.
a. Name/contact info
b. Choose package A or B
c. Choose Alumni t-shirt size. See below for men and women sizes
Chest (inches) 36 38 40 42 44 46

Woman XS S M L
Chest (inches) 32 34 36 38

d. If you would like to participate in netball or football, please mark X in the column.
3. After you fill in your information, simply close the window. Your information is automatically saved.
4. Transfer payment to
– Bank account no: 096-0-53122-6, Bangkok Bank (Emporium Branch), Account name:Jane Chongsatitwatana
5. Email a copy of pay in slip or transfer slip to Jane at [email protected].

*If you are currently abroad and have difficulties in transferring the payment please let me know by emailing to [email protected].

For more information or questions, please email Jane at [email protected]. Or call Jane at 084-427-6872.