CLOSING DATE 31 MARCH 2015 (early applications strongly encouraged)

“To enable the best to access the best” – Headmaster Neil Richards MBE


  • To maintain a high standard of academic excellence by enrolling exceptional students from around the world
  • To provide existing students with an incentive to do well in the school, and to recognise achievement in a tangible manner
  • To contribute to the local community by providing opportunities for outstanding students from Phuket schools

External Academic:

Dr. Arthit Scholarship

Number awarded: Two Full Tuition and Boarding Scholars; up to four bursaries (however an additional scholar may be selected in place of the bursaries should these be deemed appropriate by the school management).

These will be awarded for academic potential at the level of the IB Diploma. They will be based upon proven academic excellence, and the potential for the student to have a positive impact upon others. Students from poor socio-economic background; refugee status; or from an area of conflict will take priority.

Travel expenses and the cost of external examinations, uniform and laptop are not included in the scholarship award. Dr. Arthit scholars may also have the opportunity to apply for further support from other independent school sponsors, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Internal Academic:

Exceptional Academic Performance: One full tuition scholarship for the duration of the IB Diploma Programme.

This will be awarded to a student who obtains at least six A* grades at the 2015 IGCSE examinations. Only one award will be given – in the event that more than one student obtains in excess of six A* Grades the total number of A* Grades will be the deciding factor. The award will not be made for anything less than six A* Grades.

High Academic Performance: Four bursaries will be awarded for the duration of the IB Diploma programme.

These bursaries will be awarded to the top four students following the 2015 IGCSE results. The value of the bursary is exactly half the annual tuition fee. The school has the right to award fewer bursaries if an academic performance, in the judgment of the school, does not merit an award.

Additional notes:

  • Scholarships will be withdrawn if students do not maintain a good academic record (maintained or enhanced Grade Point Average)
  • Students must have a good record of attendance and display exemplary conduct
  • The decision to award scholarships will be made by a scholarship committee drawn from the academic staff of the school
  • The school’s decisions are final, and non-negotiable
  • All matters relating to scholarships will remain totally confidential at all times
  • Poor conduct or the need for disciplinary action could lead to the withdrawal of a scholarship
  • Please submit only one application form, the school reserves the right to reject any applicant who applies multiple times

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