IGCSE maths and biology early entry

Well done to BISP students who have just received their IGCSE Mathematics and Biology results!

The International Maths IGCSE is a very demanding course – to do so well in an early entry is very impressive. In the class there was 92% A-A* (100% A*- B), including 8 As and 4 A*s. Congratulations to all students for their hard work – an excellent start to your IGCSE exams.

– Mr Chambers

In addition, 22 students sat their IGCSE Biology exam early. Of the 22, 18 gained A-A* (82%) and 100% A*-B. There were 9 A*s and 9 As. Of the 3 sciences, Biology has by far the most content to learn and to do 6 months early and gain such excellent results is really pleasing. Well done to all concerned. These results should fill you with confidence looking ahead to the final exams in June.

– Ms Young and Mr Richardson