We are very excited that children and teachers in Early Years have been working on the ‘Kindergarten to Year 2 Building Bridges Flat Connections’ project. You can find more about the project here: Flatclassroom connections

In this project schools and teachers across the globe are building bridges between schools, cultures and countries and joining their classrooms to share and co-create media that can be used in future learning activities for cultural interaction, global awareness, and facilitate connecting and sharing.

First the children set up a ‘Handshake’ to say hello. This is the Handshake from some of the children in Early Years at BISP:

Then the children talked about the ‘View From their Window’. Using a technology called a FlipGrid children posted questions using video and responded to questions about each other’s schools. For example in one school playground there was snow, on another a lake, and one school playground has possums.

Using a Google Form the schools collected responses from the children about the types of pets the children owned across the different countries. This information will be collated and shared as a bar graph.

The children will explore the different animals native to each school’s country. Further, the children will take photographs of mini beasts, animals and birds from each playground and create electronic book illustrated using these photographs.

Finally we hope to Skype with the schools in ‘real-time’ and meet the team of students and teachers. It really is a small world after all!   If you would like to know more about this project contact: Donna Stephens ([email protected])