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What an exciting, fun morning was had by BISP Nursery and Reception in their Superhero Sports Day late last month!  The students arrived dressed up as their favourite superheroes – Batman, Supergirl, Captain America and many more and the teachers and coaches dressed up as well.

Photo Album here.

bisp early years 2019 3 300x200Everyone participated in athletic events like the ‘Superhero Dash’ race where students had to run to touch their favourite superhero board. There were also other games like ‘Fireball’, ‘Chase Batman’, ‘Power Up’ and ‘Save Superman’. Each of the superhero games were designed to display the fundamental athletic skills of jumping, throwing and running they have learnt during their PE lessons.

Back in class everyone cooled down with an ice lolly and received certificates and stickers for their performances. It was so lovely to see them having a good time with the support of the enthusiastic teachers and parents.

– Maggie Walby, PE Teacher at BISP