IMG 9490The Early Years children enjoyed participating in the Early Years sports event today. The idea was suggested by a group of eager runners who took on the challenge of organising the entire event. From the race plans, to refreshments, safety checks to PA systems. Lists were made, signs were written and emails sent.  Maps were drawn and race briefings conducted. All of the Early Years children got involved in the preparations making medals and number bibs. IMG 9543When the day finally arrived there was much excitement and of course a few pre-race nerves. As the races got underway the children displayed remarkable determination and resilience, keeping on going until the end, getting up and carrying on where falls occurred. The team spirit was phenomenal with everyone cheering each other on and the children managed themselves impeccably, following instructions and waiting patiently for their turns. Needless to say we all deserved a well earned ice-lolly at the end of the event. Congratulations to all of the Early Years children.