After a term of learning about the Ancient Egyptians and how they lived, the Year 3 children were put to the test of being an Ancient Egyptian for the day.

Some chose to be Tutankhamen, while for the girls Cleopatra was a popular role-model! Most of the children came as your average day-to-day ancient Egyptian, wearing a linen tunic, neck-piece and a tie around the waist.

The highlight of the morning was when the children participated in a series of role-plays that portrayed the journey of a mummy from the land of the living into the afterlife – one of the most fascinating aspects of Ancient Egyptian beliefs. During this re-enactment, a pharaoh’s mummy was prepared, and then transported to the tomb, followed by a large procession of wailing mourners. There, in the Kingdom of Osiris, he faced the Gods in the ‘weighing of the heart’ ceremony. Unfortunately he didn’t make it into the afterlife as he hadn’t been judged a worthy king!

During the afternoon the children enthusiastically took part in activities ranging from playing the Ancient Egyptian game of Senet, creating hieroglyphics for a royal tomb and using Ancient Egyptian methods of Numeracy.

It was a fun day and the children gained a lot from the experience. Our thanks go to all the parents and carers who helped with costumes – the children looked magnificent which all helped to make the day the success it was.

Katie Coleman – Year Leader, Year 3