The High School English Department is currently planning to run a ‘Language, Literature, and Culture’ visit to London and Oxford in October 2015 for our students who are currently in Grades 9-12. Precise dates are not yet fixed, but are likely to be 15-22 October. This period includes part of the October mid-term break.

A trip of this kind has many purposes, but it is, fundamentally, intended to be inspiring, to develop communicative language skills, and to increase social and cultural awareness.

It may be that through participation your daughter/son develops a greater intrinsic motivation for study, increases their knowledge of culture, history, and the arts.

Additionally, your child may become increasingly inspired to pursue further study, perhaps at a British university. It is hoped that such a trip is a positive, memorable experience, and a highlight of the academic year.

To make a trip of this kind viable, we require at least 15 participating students. For logistical reasons, numbers will be capped at around 20.

The trip is likely to involve visits to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, and the British Museum. It is hoped, too, that a university visit will be part of the itinerary.

It is difficult to be precise about cost at this stage, but a likely figure should arrive at around 75,000 Baht. This includes flights (with reputable airlines), transport costs in the United Kingdom, (budget type) accommodation, and food (most of which will be cooked by students and eaten communally).

The price also includes a limited entertainment budget for such things as theatre tickets, but excludes things like pocket money, or the cost of securing a visa.

If there is enough interest, we will organize the trip. If your child wishes to attend, we will ask for a deposit of around 45,000 Baht, and ask for payment no later than 31 March.

This deposit will be used to purchase airline tickets and may therefore not be refundable should your child subsequently withdraw.

If you wish further detail or seek clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me. Note, however, that a detailed itinerary will only become available once the trip is confirmed. Bringing an umbrella would be a good idea.

For more information, contact Head of English David McIntyre: [email protected]