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On the 29th of March, students from Year 11 Additional Maths went on a school trip to the Escape Hunt Kathu.  These students have been working exceptionally hard over the past 3 years, taking their IGCSE maths exams early (and all achieving A and A* grades) before going on to study the very demanding Additional Maths syllabus.  A trip to one of the most popular Escape Room games was organized to test their practical mathematical skills.  The students were split into 3 teams – and each team was given a room and a task to solve.  The clock was then set and they had 1 hour to solve the task and escape from the room.  In order to do this they had to show teamwork, problem solving skills and perseverance.  All 3 teams did very well – and all escaped from their rooms within the 1 hour deadline.  First out was Andrea, Brian, Tanylle and Taam who escaped from the Kidnap room in just over 40 minutes – only 2 minutes faster and they would have made the Escape Hunt All Time Leaderboard.  Very impressive!  Well done to everyone who took part and well done for all your hard work in maths this year.