Students in Mr Paul Wheatley’s class undertake colourful chemistry experiments.


Over the summer holidays, two more MTB science labs were renovated, meaning that all six have now been fully modernised.

This completes a multi-million baht renovation over four years, although improvements will still be ongoing, and equipment regularly upgraded to the latest technology.

They now offer greet learning flexibility, so you can easily alter the seating arrangements for group and individual work. This means more collaboration, with a strong focus on practical study and investigations, ensuring the constant development of scientific knowledge.

There is also now an automatic gas warning that sets off an alarm in the labs as well as in the technician’s room, and shuts off the gas immediately when there is a problem – there are eight of these in each lab.

It’s worth pointing out that 30% of all Cambridge IGCSEs were in a science subject for the recent Year 11 graduates. Students at BISP currently average 2.4 science IGCSEs, which is double the number from two years ago.

It ain’t rocket science. Better facilities mean better students.

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