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Opportunities to play basketball begin in Year 1. At Primary level, the emphasis is on having fun and developing the students’ understanding of basic skills and key rules. Our Primary values of respect and kindness underpin all our coaching sessions.

In Secondary, regular team sessions focus on long term progress over immediate success. We encourage students to spend time playing unstructured basketball to develop their passion and enjoyment of the game without the pressure to perform.

Through play, children develop their creativity and decision-making skills.


The BISP Breakers Cup and BISP 3 on 3 International BasketballĀ Tournament are the two major basketball events of the year. In addition, we also host an annual tournament against local International and Thai schools, as well as attending annual tournaments off the island. Parents, senior students, and staff are welcome to take part in our fortnightly basketball scrimmage in the Sports Hall.

For more information on Basketball at BISP, please contact us here.

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