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The BISP Business Academy is a partnership between BISP, business communities, educators and volunteers. Established in 2014, this extra-curricular educational programme aims to inspire students to dream big and reach their potential. The Academy has generated numerous start-ups in areas such as food and beverage, apparel, party planning, stationery, and school merchandise.

Market Day 2019

The Academy is open to secondary school students from Years 10 to 13 and focuses on business management, finance and entrepreneurship. Students learn the fundamentals of marketing and presentation skills to develop their own market entry strategy for a product or service of their choice. They submit their business plans to the Academy Directors and receive feedback on the framework and content of their respective plans. Following approval, the students get to work launching their businesses.

The BISP Business Academy teaches students how to turn their ideas into a reality.

Alongside this, the Academy students experience real-time trading of stocks on the financial market – an experience that will prepare them for the dynamic world of financial trading.

For more information on the Business Academy at BISP, please contact us here.

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Market Day 2019