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BISP offers a variety of options for boys and girls from Nursery to Year 13 to develop their football skills, play for fun, or work towards a professional career.

The training methodology at the High Performance level follows that of Cruzeiro EC, one of Brazil’s biggest multi-sport clubs. Teams receive expert instruction from Cruzeiro-trained coaches in four key areas – technical, tactical, physical, and psychological.

The BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy provides a pathway for students who want to pursue a career in football.

Soccer 3Competitions

As well as hosting regular fixtures at the school, BISP teams travel to many international school and academy tournaments in South East Asia and beyond. In recent years, the High Performance Academy teams have travelled as far afield as Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

The annual BISP Soccer 7s tournament is arguably the largest school football tournament in the world, with over 1500 players and with international school teams from throughout Asia taking part.



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High Performance Academy

The BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy consists of age-specific High Performance training squads, beginning at Under-11. Players are selected based on a range of criteria and squad training at this level follows a carefully designed structure set out by the Academy’s Head Coach. A girls High Performance Academy is operational from August 2019.

For more information on Football at BISP, please contact us here.



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