Stem plane flyingBISP STEM Academy students work on projects designed to help them develop a range of key transferable skills that are increasingly in demand in today’s workplace.

Using science, technology, engineering, and mathematical skills, students learn how to apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to solve problems.

Students explore both the theoretical and practical elements that are vital to the successful design and construction of working models. Projects explored to date include hydroponics, trebuchets, hovercrafts, and aircraft.

Stem Launch PlaneSTEM education is empowering and challenging for students. It prompts them to become enquirers – to think critically and to evaluate information. Application of knowledge, research and skills can lead our students to arrive at their own unique and innovative solutions to problems. We encourage students to pursue individual projects, which are often borne from their own interests and passions.

It is the school’s objective that the multidisciplinary skills and creative, entrepreneurial flair that the STEM Academy provides will enable our students to make valuable contributions to tomorrow’s world.


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