Triathlon Academy

Youth Exposure Programme

BISP’s experienced triathlon coaching team follows the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). Our Youth Exposure programme welcomes students from Year 3 (age 7) to Year 7 (age 11). Students at this level are encouraged to join the Learn to Swim programme to develop their stroke and movement fundamentals. Land-based sessions delivered by the triathlon coaches focus on age-related movement skills and developing the technical aspects of running and cycling.

As coaches, we try to help athletes develop a passion for the sport that is vital for long-term participation and success.

Triathlon Academy2

Performance Programme

At the Performance level, training is more frequent, more refined and extends to helping equip athletes with the skills to overcome psychological challenges. Athletes move from Learning to Train to Training to Train, Training to Compete and eventually, Training to Win. Gradually, athletes are exposed to more competitive opportunities and racing becomes a learning and development tool for both the performer and coach.


Phuket is a triathlon hub, with many triathlon events on offer for all age groups. As well as competing in local events, our Performance athletes often travel to Bangkok, Singapore, the Middle East and Europe to race.

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