Floating Hospital



This exciting mission is building a sailing ship which will be called the Schooner Ixdos. Upon completion, the boat will carry a clinic with medical staff to remote islands of the world where children are not vaccinated against preventable diseases.

The ship is more than half built and we are in a hurry to finish building so that we can start our work of saving lives. Please help buy masts, sails and rigging.

This mission is being supported by all students at the British International School, Phuket and as part of the IB programme they are spending many hours working on board.

What an amazing millennium project where our new generation of students is reaching out to younger students to give hope and save lives.

Please join in by signing on as a friend of our mission. Let’s get this job done together!

For more information, visit missionship.com

The Ixdos is a community project supported by British International School, Phuket