Jason Pichon’s work ranges from the whimsical, to the bizarre, from the stylized, to the realistic, and everywhere in between.

Jason studied illustration at the Ringling College of Art and Design, the University of Massachusetts, and was trained in story, layout, and animation at Disney Feature Animation in Florida.

Jason’s career has taken him from feature film at Walt Disney Feature animation, to computer games at EA/Tiburon as a concept and branding artist, n-Space in Orlando Florida, as an Associate Art Director, and currently at Trion Worlds as a Senior Concept Artist. Additionally Jason freelances as a concept and story artist. Click here to visit his website.

Jason Pichon has been lucky to be on teams, where he was surrounded by amazing and generous artists, artists that he has continued to learn from and been inspired by.

Jason will be at BISP on Thursday 17 September from 2pm-3.30pm.

For more information on Jason’s visit, contact Claire Lester: c[email protected]