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Football has always been my passion and it has played a crucial role in getting me to where I am today. My journey began in Seoul, Korea as my father was posted there and I was introduced to football for the first time.

Since the age of four, having the ball at my feet was the only thing I could think about and I was adamant about playing against others. My first opportunity to play competitively came in 2005 when my family relocated to Melbourne, Australia.

Australia was where I nurtured my talents and immersed myself completely in the local football culture. Come rain or shine, there would always be games at the weekend followed by training sessions with my dad at the local park. At this point in my life, I was sure that I wanted nothing more than to someday play for a professional football team.

Australia was a fantastic environment to practice what I had learned on the training grounds. I won many games and trophies with my first club, the Beaumaris Penguins.

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