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Last month, over 90 of our Flying Fish swimmers from the Learn to Swim (LTS) programme braved the midday heat and attended the first LTS Swim League of the year. This event gave the swimmers across all of Primary the chance to participate in a number of exhibition races, and they got a chance to show off the skills and strokes they learnt in their LTS lessons.

Learn to Swim Coordinator Luke Curtis commented: “It was great to see the kids out there with big smiles on their faces. So often, we see youngsters in swimming and sport in general being terrified of any type of competition, with so much unnecessary pressure placed upon them. By taking away the results focus in this event and letting our students ‘just race’ in a relaxed and stress free atmosphere, we see them develop their confidence in this type of environment where there can be over 100 spectators watching them all swim. We are continuing to promote the message that the key to success and learning in sport is ENJOYMENT!”
– Luke Curtis
The next BISP LTS Swim League will be held on March 23rd, 2019.
The Primary LTS programme (which students have to complete before moving to the Squad programme) currently has over 260 swimmers from Little Ducks to Year 6, with 115 lessons on offer every week. For further information, email Luke on [email protected]