The BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy training is based on that of the highly successful Cruzeiro academy in Brazil. It operates a system where students in our school receive high quality coaching from staff that are trained in the four pillars of football training:

TECHNICAL: We believe that the development of technical capabilities is an extremely important stage in the teaching, learning and training process. The execution of the movement and the technique is the basis for initiating any action, be it defensive or offensive.

TACTICAL: The tactical capabilities and cognitive processes related to decision making are crucial for achieving high standards at the top levels of football. We aim to stimulate creative ability of the athlete, corroborating the formation of the tactically intelligent player.

PHYSICAL: Football has physically demanding high energy costs, requiring players have general and specific training for high intensity play. The scientific principle of loads and their implications are essential to maintain the integrity of the athlete and the overall team.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: This ability is the most important of all. Reading the game, creativity, and decision making are just three important psychological characteristics found in top football players.

Jonathas Candido

Prior to relocating to BISP, Jonathas Candido was the Youth Football Coach and Scout for the lead professional football club in Brazil, Cruzeiro Esporte Clube (EC). The BISP Football Academy has a close collaborative relationship with Cruzeiro EC.

Following a university degree in Physical Education, Jonathas has 12 years of professional experience in football, in particular in fitness and performance analysis, technical observation and coordination. He has extensive knowledge of methods of sports training and practice, with particular experience in periodic planning and structuring teams.

Jonathas was the International Programme’s Head Coach at Cruzeiro EC; the U14 Assistant Coach and Technical Observer; the U10-U17 Football Coach; the U6-U12 Futsal Coach. He is an official scout for Cruzeiro and led the Cruzeiro U20 team to national honours.

For more information on the BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy, contact:

Head Coach Jonathas Candido: jcandido@bisphuket.ac.th


Click here to visit the official Cruzeiro EC website (in Portuguese)