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Welcome to Little Ducks Playgroup. This is a free service offered by BISP for children in our community aged from 16 – 20 months, held from 8:45am to 10:00am every Thursday during term-time.

If you would like more detailed information regarding our Little Ducks curriculum please feel free to ask any member of staff at the Playgroup. We hope that you enjoy your time spent with us, and welcome to our BISP community.


For more information or to provide feedback:    

Contact Angela Burns: [email protected]

Visit the school website:

View admissions information:


What to do at Playgroup

There are great benefits in joining our Playgroup, especially for the children who go on to enrol with us in Little Ducks. They will be familiar with our learning environment and the routines as well as make relationships with the staff.

We also benefit from this interaction as we will get to know your child and you, establishing relationships for the time ahead in Little Ducks.

Playgroup is a PLAY  time – please join in with your child, play with them and talk about their experiences. Feel free to explore the whole of the Little Ducks environment  and access all the resources.

We just ask that you assist with tidying up as your child leaves an area. We are working to teach children to tidy up after themselves, your support will be appreciated and will help your child to get started on this learning process.


Responsibility for your Child

Your child is your responsibility during the Playgroup session. Our staffing ratios are established for children who are enrolled with us. We will interact with you and your child as much as possible, but our priorities will be the children in our care.  

Don’t be surprised if our conversation is interrupted by a child’s excitement in a new achievement or request for support. We’ll come back to you as soon as we can.



Everything that happens in Little Ducks is a rich learning experience. If you have any questions regarding any of the learning experiences you see then please ask a member of staff.

We are committed to providing the highest quality learning experiences and are always happy to explain the how and why of our child-interests play-based approach. No question is too small. We’re happy to answer all of them.


Round Room

Many of you are here before playgroup begins as you are bringing other siblings to school. Therefore, we have booked the Round Room for your use from 8:00 – 10:00.

We hope your children will love to play in there before joining us in Little Ducks at 8:45. Thanks for tidying up and stacking the soft play materials on one side as you leave too.


Snack and Food

We will include your child in the snack arrangements on the day. We ask that you do not bring other food into Little Ducks as some of our children have food allergies.

If a bottle is required, that is fine, but hopefully the snack will be enough to sustain your child for the time they are playing in Little Ducks. Our snack time is from 8:45 to 9:30 .


Changing mats

Please bring your own items for changing your child. You are welcome to use the children’s bathroom facilities in Little Ducks but we request that you do not put yourself in a situation to be alone with a child other than your own.



Please be aware that other families may not be comfortable with other adults taking photos of their child, especially if they are going onto Facebook or other social media. Please do your best to photograph just your own child.


Coffee Chats

Many parents go to Bake after Playgroup for a coffee and chat. Feel free to do the same. This is a great opportunity to meet parents with children of a similar age.


Enrollment into Little Ducks

Enrollment into Little Ducks begins at 18 months. Once your child turns 20 months we ask for you to then enroll in Little Ducks. Once you have done this, you are then able to select how many days you would like your child to attend. We offer a minimum of 3 mornings a week and a maximum of 5 full days. Enrolled children no longer attend playgroup.

If your child is already over 20 months, then you are welcome to attend a few playgroup sessions as trial days before enrolling fully.