IMAGE – BISP Golf Academy professional Oliver Bates

A word from Headmaster Neil Richards:

It is with great pleasure that the school announces the opening of the BISP Golf Academy. This is the fourth sports academy at the school, and the development of an effective infrastructure has been a major focus over recent months.

Since each of our four academy sports are very different, the organization and funding of each of the sports has to reflect this. Unlike the other three Academy sports the school has to create ties with Golf Clubs and course facilities off campus as well as developing facilities and a strategy for developing the young players while at school.

The main features of the BISP Golf Academy are:

  • A professional Academy Coach joining the BISP staff;
  • The provision of a driving range and short game facility at school;
  • Links with Golf courses on the island, but specifically with Loch Palm, which is the nearest course to the school;
  • The occasional use of good technical training facilities, which can be found at the Phunaka course;
  • The introduction of Golf into our mainstream Physical Education curriculum using appropriate training equipment and an acknowledged system of instruction (this is already in place with the SNAG programme).

Each of the school academies are structured in the most appropriate way to service the requirements (and especially the organization) of each of the sports. In the case of Golf, the high cost of accessing course facilities has to be bourne to a large degree by the players themselves.

Every effort has been made to provide Golf at a reasonable cost, and those who regularly play this sport will acknowledge that the school has achieved this to a very high degree. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that that special discounts have also been arranged for the families of the school golfers.

I am confident that the school will very quickly become a major force in the development of outstanding players from this region and beyond, and I would like to conclude by acknowledging the hard work and enthusiasm of the sports teachers, and in particular Jeff LaMantia and Richard Stockings, for all that they have achieved in a relatively short timeframe.

Road to success:

The road to golf development begins here with the BISP Golf Academy. With our highly experienced academy coach, Mr. Oliver Bates, the golf program will create the full golfing experience to prepare students for higher levels of play, with the aim of developing an elite group to pursue tournament play and represent the School in competitions.

The program will integrate the complete range of golfing skills for all levels, from primary school to senior school as well as for the elite golfers. Strong emphasis will be placed on developing talent at a young age through golf skills, fitness and mental training with individualized development programs.

We also believe it is vital for students to develop their character and life skills through our professional Academy programme, and many great experiences and new skills will be acquired through our enjoyable, competitive and professional environment.

Students joining the BISP Golf Academy will have the opportunity to take their game to the highest levels and beginners will learn all the skills required to develop and progress to the next level. Our progressive learning system will benefit all ages and abilities and constant ‘on course’ instruction and competition will help students set high standards and goals.

Students will progress within a group training environment, although our specialized coach will develop individualized development plans for each student to improve their game and skills. Parents will be kept up to date on each student’s progress.

As a school offering world-class opportunities, we are committed to creating the right programme to help each student reach their potential.


Students will benefit from the experience of learning at various locations. The program will consist of driving range sessions with full video analysis; ‘on course’ golf lessons at various locations; classroom study on the rules of golf, etiquette, mental coaching; and a full introduction and study of the history of golf and tournament play. Sessions will take place at BISP, Loch Palm Golf Course and Phunaka Golf Academy where the school has access to a video studio and a nine-hole academy course.


High standards will be set for all golfers participating in the program. When visiting other golf courses and training, golfing rules and etiquette will be applied at all times. While our golfing ‘team environment’ will be enjoyable it must also be highly professional.

Assessment and groups:

All golfers will be assessed and placed in an appropriate learning group when the Golf Academy officially launches in Term 2 on January 12th 2015. Details of the training program will depend on the experience, level of play and age of each golfer.

There will be specific programs that will benefit all levels of player and realistic goals and targets will be set to help players move to the next level.

During the initial stages, students will be split into 4 different groups – beginner groups by year group and one advanced group. Please see sessions below:

Times and training dates – Starting Monday 3rd November


Session 1: 14.35 – 16.00 (Primary) Yr 1- 3

Session 2: 16.00 – 17.30 (Primary) Yr 4 – 6


Session 3: 14.35 – 16.00 (Secondary) Yr 7 – 9

Session 4: 16.00 – 17.30 (Secondary) Yr 10 – 13

Students who enroll in the above programmes will experience lessons at school and on Loch Palm driving range/short game facilities.

Total cost for 6 sessions is 4500bht.


Session 5: 14.35 – 17.30pm Advanced: years 6 – 13 Phunaka Driving Range/ on course experience.

Students who enroll in the above programme will receive lessons at Loch Palm driving range/short game facilities and Phunaka driving range/on course play.

Total cost for 5 sessions is 6000bht.


All training equipment will be provided for lower level players, however, as students reach higher levels, they will need their own equipment and will be professionally advised by trained and experienced club-fitting staff/professionals.

Membership Cards for BISP Academy Players and Family:

All Academy students and family members will receive a preferential discount card, which gives exclusive rates on green fees and food and beverages at both Loch Palm and Phunaka.

For more information on the BISP Golf Academy, contact Jeff LaMantia: [email protected]