Healthy Eating Cooking at BISP 2020 2 BISP Students from the Year 7 to Year 13 groups, alongside teacher Chris Greene, have been giving back to the community throughout the 2019-20 academic year.

In Term 1, the group set up shop at the Soccer 7s and Christmas fair. They raised a total of 21,000 THB and donated to various charities, including a UK charity ‘Viva’, the Baby York fund and to a CAS activity run by a group of Year 12 students.

Soon after the recent pandemic hit Phuket, it became clear that many people were losing their jobs and were having trouble finding money to buy food and to support their families. 

Healthy Eating Cooking at BISP 2020 1In response, the Healthy Eating & Cooking group got together (virtually) and decided to donate their leftover funds to a worthy cause run by Khun Tan Janhom. Khun Tan runs a simple vegan restaurant near Chalong and when the virus hit, many of the restaurants and cafes near her restaurant had to close. She, however, decided that she would work to support many of the troubled locals, and began cooking meals for free for people who had lost their jobs and for Burmese workers living nearby. Anyone was welcome to receive free food, but people who had the means were asked to contribute.

Khun Tan was very happy with the donation and sent her thanks to the students who helped raise funds.