bisp rainbow warrior concert band performance by Arnaud Vittet Greenpeace

Photo Credit: Arnaud Vittet/ Greenpeace

Greenpeace Asia recently contacted BISP Head of Arts Paulette Wilkinson to have the BISP Concert Band perform on their ship, Rainbow Warrior III, when it docks at Phuket Deep Water Terminal this June. Slowly but surely, our students’ musical talents are becoming known to the world!

Greenpeace uses Rainbow Warrior III in its environmental awareness campaigns. The ship provides a functional platform for campaigns at sea and in harbours. It can be deployed on campaign operations worldwide in all climatic zones and used for conducting research activities.

The young performers will be offered a tour of the ship, and play to welcome guests on board for the evening.BISP Unplugged Concert

“We are super excited as this has come about from the reputation of the band and will be a very different experience for all of us,” commented Mrs. Wilkinson.

The students will then go to Hong Kong to perform at Disneyland. Read the story here.