We started the year at full speed; at the moment we have in our structure eight different age groups U09 to O15 Boys and Girls with around 150 players and 1 coach per category.

At the end of last year our coaches received specific training on Cruzeiro methodology and we are already beginning to reap the benefits of this new expected standard. Our young players are now receiving planned sessions based around the four key pillars: Technique, Tactic, Physical and Mental capabilities according to the game model adopted by Cruzeiro.

In our Game model all our teams have the same play principals, with the same behaviors, always trying to take the initiative in the game, with intentions to keep the ball as much as possible, and play with quick transitions in all moments in the game.

We already played some friendly matches and Tournament and our players did very well, achieving positive results, showing a lot of game quality and individual values.

Now, our focus is the Soccer 7s Tournament on 7th/ 8th November 2014. We are looking forward to these games and believe our teams are well prepared to demonstrate improvements made over the past year.

We are also working with players outside of the Academy structure as we want all teams to do well in November. Some players who have been on trial will have opportunities to attend holiday camps with Jonathas as well as some individual small group sessions.

It is so good to see so many parents supporting games but please trust in the coaches and do not add additional pressure to players by giving out mixed instructions. All coaches have been trained on tactics and principles and we want to allow our players the freedom to express themselves.

 We have been delighted by the response of our players to the new fitness routines put into place this year, and already our players look fitter and stronger. We would also encourage all parents to support us in ensuring our students eat healthily and reduce fizzy drinks, sweet treats and processed foods. We have spoken to all players about their nutritional intake and the need for correct hydration whilst eating a balanced diet.

Can we remind all players and parents that players must bring and use shin pads at all times. This includes training sessions, as we train at the same intensity that we play at. It is also important to note that we will not cancel Saturday mornings as we can always adapt and move inside.

We are looking forward to a great football year as we progress with our vision to produce high quality players and to improve their technique and enjoyment of the beautiful game of football.

For more information, contact:

BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy Director Richard Stockings: [email protected]

BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy Head Coach Jonathas Candido: [email protected]

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