BISP Year 12 Group 4 science 2019 1 BISP Year 12 Group 4 science 2019 2

Last week, Year 12 completed their Group 4 Experimental Science Project in the Auditorium. The project involves students from all the different IB Science disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems and Design Technology) collaborating on a research question of their choice, based on a chosen theme.

Science in the real world is a collaborative activity requiring good communication and social skills. This project allows students from all Group 4 subjects to work together on a problem which they have defined together in their interdisciplinary groups and investigate in a ‘real life’ context or environment using the skills and knowledge they have gained from all Group 4 subjects. The students vote on a selection of possible themes, the chosen one for this year’s project was ‘Kitchen Science’. It allows students to appreciate the environmental, social and ethical implications of science and technology and also allows them to understand some of the limitations of scientific study.

To make the project more challenging, we ask students to create an exhibition of their work and invite students of all ages, including those from Primary, to visit the exhibition. This requires our IB students to present their findings in a variety of ways to different audiences. This is always the most pleasing aspect of the annual project as BISP students always manage to do this really well. Their patience and imagination in explaining their ideas to younger students was a pleasure to behold!

For more information, contact Iain Richardson: [email protected]

– Iain Richardson, Head of Science Faculty