It was a memorable day for the Year 9-13 Thai BISP student, who were entertained by Dr. Peter Koret on Monday 5 October.

Dr Koret delivered a fantastic speech in the Conference Room about how to understand Thai Literature and Language through Thai history, politic, beliefs and stories. The event, which was organised by the Thai department, was a great success in helping students gain a deeper understanding about Thai language.

The talk gave students and teachers a number of questions to consider. How could we best prepare our Thai students for Thai IGCSE or IB? How could we teach various types of Thai literature? How well do our students really understand Thai? Would it be nice if students learnt from other guest speakers outside the department?

There was a lot of really positive feedback from the students after the event.

Thanagrit from 9A had the following to say, “I think what Dr. Peter said was interesting and strange at the same time but I have learned a lot of thing about Thai Politic and I also think we should not believe everything what text books have said… we had better to prove with truthful evidences.”

Meanwhile Thanatcha in 9B said, “I really enjoyed listening to Dr. Peter talking about Literature and Language study through Thai history, politic, beliefs and stories… they are not boring what I thought at first, we were able to discuss and argue what we did not know before or what we think and believe in facts or information.”

Chayamon in 9B agreed that it was an engaging talk. “I liked when Dr. Peter talked about the dream telling that was my favourite part I love to know what the dreams tell you while you sleep I think that was interesting to know about your dreams. Moreover, he also told us a few more stories which were led us to think or apply to use reasonably. Honestly, I think we all enjoyed listening and learning and it would be better if we could do it longer.”

Thank you for Ajarn Marisa and Thai department who established and organised this for our Thai BISP students and thank you all BISP staff member who helped make this event successful. We look forward to more events like this in the future!

For more information, contact Ubonrat Chambers: [email protected]