Information Technology is an important tool for teaching and learning at BISP. The last few years had seen regular upgrades of the systems in use, a process the school expects to continue for the foreseeable future. The curriculum is also regularly reviewed and includes the Computing section of the English National Curriculum

One concept important to the school is that whilst technology can play a key role in enhancing student learning, care must be taken to ensure that its use does this and is constructive.

Keeping our teachers up dated on using technology in the classroom is important and we regular send staff to various training courses and conferences in the region. That is, of course, in addition to a programme of internal training and development.

This year the BISTEK student group has offered workshops for parents on a variety of topics.

A 1:1 laptop initiative was started in August 2012, and   all students in the secondary school are expected to own a MacBook Pro 13″ (other laptops are acceptable, but this is the recommended model and is issued to all Secondary teachers).

Students in Primary Years 5  & 6 are asked to bring a MacBook and in years 3 & 4. In the Primary school MacBook Pro and iPads are available for student use in classrooms.  The vast majority of classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Families wishing to purchase Apple products may do so at educational prices via Island Technology, order forms and information for this are below.