After nearly 8 weeks of intensive English the IEC (Intensive English Course) students are preparing for their final exams. We started the course with eight students, 2 have already moved into the mainstream secondary school, because of their excellent progress over the first 4 weeks, 1 student had to leave the course due to personal reasons and we were left with 5 students. They will be sitting the Cambridge KET and PET exams and if they pass these exams they should be able to move across to the mainstream school when the new school year starts in August.

It really has been an ‘intensive’ 8 weeks, they have been reading, writing, listening and speaking English intensively in the ILC for over 12 hours a week, with the rest of the time spent in the secondary mainstream lessons, including: Maths, Science, Art, ICT, DT, PE, Music and Drama.

The students have progressed very well and in the last week they have all written about comparatives. Daria (Dasha) Surkova wrote an excellent piece regarding the comparisons between Russia and Thailand.

We gave the students a self-evaluation regarding the course, here are some of their comments:

The new things I have learnt
‘I learn how to write sentences in the right order’
‘How to write better sentences’
‘Learnt more English grammar and be part of a team in PE, I liked that’
‘I now know much more about grammar and this school’

What did you find difficult?
‘Being in a big school’
‘English grammar’
‘The tests we have every week’
‘I found Chemistry difficult because sometimes I don’t know the words’

What makes school special for you?
‘I learn English language and like my friends here. I like my school so much’
‘I like my friends because they are very good’
‘Mr Malster because he teach me polite language and teach me about all of the school’

Good luck to Sunwa, Pump, Tatiana, Dasha and Vitaly in their final exams next week and we hope they are successful in entering the main school next year!