We are pleased to announce that the first meeting with our new and experienced EFL teacher, Mrs Belinda Prince, will take place this Friday, October 3rd 2014 at 8.15am in Kata house (next to the Little Ducks car park).

On Friday, Belinda will do some language activities to assess how she can meet your needs best as we are happy to offer as many weekly English classes as needed at the beginner’s, pre-intermediate and intermediate/advanced levels throughout this school year.

Please find more details below:

When: Every morning from October 6th 2014 onwards

Instructor: Belinda Prince

Target group: BISP parents (elementary/pre-intermediate/intermediate levels)

Venue: International Learning Centre (Kata house) at BISP, room 204

For more information, contact Viktoria Sokolova: [email protected], 076 335 555 ext. 3103