Over the last few weeks the ILC has hosted several events targeting the local community.

On 26th of April, 32 teachers from 12 local primary schools participated in a mini-conference themed around teaching English to Young Learners. The conference took place thanks to close cooperation between BISP and the British Council Bangkok. Mr Derek Spafford and Elizabeth Hibberd ran two inspiring sessions full of teaching ideas and fun. All the participants including six BISP teaching assistants found the content useful and the delivery professional. They all wished there were more events like this, as there are limited professional development opportunities for local Phuket teachers and teaching assistants.

Further teacher training took place at the ILC following that event on April 29 – May 3. The course was specifically designed to meet the needs of local English teachers in Phuket primary schools, giving its takers an opportunity to learn new techniques, to share ideas and experiences and to master English during the 30-hour course. This programme was initiated as a cooperation project between BISP and the local Education Area Office in Phuket and is hoped to be implemented on a regular basis in the future.

On a separate topic, we would like to congratulate Siv Wennenberg Y8, Shion Yamada Y7 and Yana Sokolova Y8 on successful completion of the photography course they took at the ILC in Term 2 and beginning of Term 3. Over the 10 lessons run by Mrs Willoch the girls learnt how to handle a professional camera with manual settings and learnt how to compose a good picture. We also would like to thank Mrs Willoch and her tutees for the photographs they had taken for the ILC photo archive.

Viktoria Sokolova – Director of the International Learning Centre
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