In Phuket, there is an alarming shortage of Rh- blood, yet 15% of the expat community is estimated to have it. In a life-threatening situation where blood is required, this shortage could become a risk for friends, family and members of the BISP and Phuket Community.

Only 0.3% of Thai people have Rh Negative blood. Thai law makes it illegal for any tourist to donate blood. This leaves the responsibility in the hands of the expat community and so far, not much is being done.

bisp donate blood drive phuketAccording to the Thai Red Cross Regional Phuket Blood Center, roughly only 20 foreigners are active donors in Phuket. An average unit of donation is 400ml but in some cases, accident patients may need as many as 15 units. Due to the limited number of Rh Negative blood in the population, hospitals struggle to provide this blood type to patients in dire need of it.

We do not need regular donors, just individuals who can be called upon in an emergency to make a one-off donation.

If you know that your blood type is Rh-, please take a minute of your time and register to our Phuket Rh- Emergency Donor Register. If you are unsure of your blood type but would like to help, please still sign up your name and we will arrange for you an appointment with the Red Cross to check your blood type.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Berman regarding any questions or for further information at: [email protected] .