photo of bisp triathletes with coach zane castro BISP Triathlon programme Head Coach Zane & Mrs Walby took our athletes to the ISB Cross Country Invitational in Kanchanaburi. Running on a very challenging cross country course, BISP athletes competed in the 5K event. They earned a total of 5 individual medals and both boys’ & girls’ teams earned the 2nd place awards.

Holly led the girls’ team with 2nd place, Malika in 3rd and Saniiat passed 7 positions in the final 600m of the course to catch her teammate Hannah, who held 13th position to hold off other teams. Tania ran her first 5K at the event, holding and advancing 8 positions to finish in 21st place among 50 plus competitors.

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photo of bisp triathletes with coach zane castroThe boys’ race was described by ISB Host AD Derick Quinet as “a game of inches” (reference from the movie Any Given Sunday). The boys fought for position and footing to earn the individual overall win by Oliver, Jay 4th, Max 6th, Jack 12th, Tamino was the final scorer to solidify the 2nd place position (top 5 scored). Romeo and Nathan rounded out the team of 7 making huge gains in experience, learning where they could best contribute to the team and where to focus within their training.